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About Guesthouse Ieli

Best time to visit: Summer

The guesthouse Ieli is located in the village of Ieli, 14 kilometers from Mestia. The hotel can accommodate 10 people. You will find fantastic nature here with views of Tetnuldi and snow-covered mountains. You will not be bothered by the noise of cars. You will have the opportunity to visit the temples and towers of the early centuries and ride horses on Zuruldi mountain. You can observe the gold mining process in the old Svan way, and talk to local elders who tell you about Svan traditions and customs. You will have the opportunity to see the celebration of holidays in the Svan way and taste Svan dishes.

Accommodation and meals for children up to 7 years old are free.

Over 7 years old, one night with two meals costs 55 GEL.

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+995 599 318 015
Duration: 1 day
Total distance: 14 km
Difficulty: Medium
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.7 წლამდე ბავშვისთვ განთავსება და კვება არის უფასო.

7 წლის ასაკს ზევით ერთი ღამე ორჯერადი კვებით 50 ლარი .

6 კაციანი ჯგუფის შემთხვევაში ,ვახშამი ან სადილი საჩუქრად .

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