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Gulf Georgia is one of the leading oil companies in the Georgian market. Its success is driven by high quality fuel and exeptional customer service. Gulf Georgia currently successfully operates more than 140 refueling stations nation-wide, 43 of which are located in Tbilisi.

Gulf refueling stations are distinguished with modern equipment and western state of the art innovative technologies. There are two types of fuel station offered by Gulf:

  • Fuel Station which sells: G-Force Premium , G-Force Euro Regular , Euro Regular , G-Force Euro Diesel, Diesel
  • CNG stations, which sells only Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Gulf fuel stations do not provide a self-service, you do not have to leave the car to fill up the tank, unless its a natural gas station. At natural gas stations all the passengers have to leave the car and wait at the specially designated waiting points.

At almost all of the Gulf stations you can pay by card, however in the mountainous regions, and some big villages its preferable to have the cash as the backup payment method if the payment terminal malfunctions . The prices are the same at all the Gulf stations.

Gulf fuel stations have the WC, however we must mention, that toilets might not be always open.

Some of the Gulf fuel stations offer you the car service, where you can check and repair the car if needed.

Gulf fuel stations have the Gulf Store, where you can buy sandwiches, coffee, snacks and other products.

Not every station offers full list of service mentioned above, therefore please check in advance if the nearby station offers the services you want.

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