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Best time to visit: Spring, Summer

Feel freedom in the nature with music, fire, wine, beautiful views!

We offer adventurous Horse Riding Tour in Juta which is one of the highest settlements 2200 m in the municipality of Kazbegi, and is located 24 km from Stepantsminda. we preparing Georgian dishes on fire in beautiful nature.

We will ride by Horse to the picnic place, where we will set up hammocks overlooking great view, collect wood for barbecue, make fire, get warm with the music background until fire ceases and turns into firebrand, prepare meat and make Mtsvadi degustate with Georgian homemade wine. We also will make tea and coffee on firebrand to make it really cozy!

The Horse Riding route is very comfortable in the tranquil and beautiful places where you will be able to relax, . You will meet gorgeous fields, hills Place is great for galloping and taking awesome pictures for this we will help you for sure.

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Duration: 6 hours
Difficulty: Easy
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