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Best time to visit: Winter, Spring, Autumn

Kakliskure, same as Juma Bay is natural monument in Georgia, located in Kakheti, in the municipality of Dedoplistskaro, including in Vashlovani protected areas. Kakliskure represents the shape of the peninsula in the Alazani River, next to the border of Azerbaijan.

Kakliskure, same as Juma Bay represents the meander of the Alazani river. The width of the isthmus does not exceed 30-40 meters and the area is more than 204 hectares. Nowadays, only in this bay remained the floodplain forest, characteristic of Alazani valley, that is very rich in flora.

This is the only bay in Georgia, where is the natural place of walnut, and the only place in Georgia where wild walnut trees thrive.

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სამანქანო გზა როგორია? მაგალითად აირტრეკი 4*4 თუ მივა?

Davit Merabishvili
Davit Merabishvili

გზის ძირითადი ნაწილი მოხრეშილი და ასფალტირებულია. ბოლო მონაკვეთი გრუნტის გზაა, თუმა ფრთხილად აირტრეკითაც შეხვალთ.


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