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Karvasla is one of the largest and popular shopping and business centers in Tbilisi. It is located at 7 Tsotne Dadiani Street. Branded stores such as Corso Italia, Bata, Geox, LC Waikiki, Issi-Paris and others are located here. One of the leading facilities of the shopping center is Carrefour, where you will find a wide variety of products. The karvasla also houses a dental clinic, beauty salons, a bank, conference halls and a cafe. Here you can update your wardrobe, take care of your health and beauty, rent a hall equipped with the necessary equipment for a business conference or enjoy tasting delicious dishes. Karvasla also includes a business center with up to 150 small and medium-sized companies of various profiles, such as: Nikora Trade, City Line, Global Prom Georgia, Financial Office and others. The shopping center has indoor and outdoor parking for 300 cars, which provides additional comfort to customers. The Karvasla has a tidy, well-appointed environment and good service.

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Khatuna Gabinashvili
Khatuna Gabinashvili

გამარჯობათ მაინტერესებს ქარვასლაში მეხუთე სართულზე ბ 512 რა არის განთავსებული

Khatuna Gabinashvili
Khatuna Gabinashvili

ქარვასლაში მეხუთე სართულზე ბ512 ოთახში რა არის განთავსებული


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