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About Kojori - Borbalo

Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn

Bicycle lane is starting in Kojori. First, it heads to Kojori (Koroghli) fortress. You can take a break in Koroghli fortress, enjoy with views and take photos. A small section of hiking trail starts here, which is rocky and inexperienced cyclists have to take it by hand. However, it only lasts 100 - 150 meters, then the trail joins the forest path and runs down, to Borbalo. On the way to the forest you will find forty Sebastian Martyrs Monastery. After that, the route passes through the village of Ghoubani and ends at Borbalo, on Tbilisi - Tetritskaro connecting road.

You can hardly find uphills on the bicycle path, you have to walk only on downhills from Kojori to Borbalo. Because of this, the trail is considered to be easy, though you will encounter difficult sections along the route.

The route mainly goes along a forest road, so mountain bicycles are recommended.

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41.662929 , 44.705236
Duration: 1 day
Total distance: 13 km
Difficulty: Easy
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