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About Matskovari church of Chobiskhevi

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Matskovari church of Chobiskhevi is located in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, in the village of Chobiskhevi, Borjomi municipality. It is a developed medieval monument. The temple has been rebuilt many times and, nowadays, it is a hall type. Previously, it was a three-nave or a three-church basilica. From the side naves only fragments of the foundation are now visible. The church has a semicircular apse to the east with a wide window in the center. The apse floor is one step higher than the hall floor. On the east side of the south wall is a bricked up window. In the center of the west wall is an arched door from inside and an architrave door from the outside. The facades are built of rectangular square stones. Massive cornice follows the church. It is covered with corrugated tin. The facades contain ornamental inserts in several places. There are shafted stone, baptismal font and other details in the yard.

How to get there

The village Chobiskhevi is located 12 km away from Borjomi. The temple is 2.5 km away from the bridge of Chobiskhevi. The asphalted road goes to the church.

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