Memorial House-Museum of Zakaria Paliashvili

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About Memorial House-Museum of Zakaria Paliashvili

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Do you know what makes Georgian opera special? It combines elements of folklore and classical music. Zakaria Paliashvili, the founder of the first national composition school, collected folk songs and created a unique Georgian style with this synthesis, which also occupied an important place in the history of world music and influenced the further development of local music.
You should visit Zakaria Paliashvili House-Museum in Tbilisi, where the first Georgian opera was created. Our guide will tell you interesting stories about him.

You can attend the following educational programs at Zakaria Paliashvili House-Museum:

Tuesday 15:00 - "Golovin ... from Opera to Opera"
Wednesday 15:00 "Anthem"
Thursday 15:00 "Short circuit"
Friday 15:00 "World of Folklore"

Tags: #History #Culture #Museum #Historical Monument

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