Mokhisi - Didgori - Chili lake

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About Mokhisi - Didgori - Chili lake

Best time to visit: Summer, May, September, October

Mokhisi - Didgori - Tbilisi bike trail starts from Nichbisi-Didgori turn, 1480 MSL. Road is paved until Didgori monument, but there are several steep ascends.  After one our of steep climb you will reach top of the ridge and it becomes easier to ride until Didgori monument. From Didgori monument trail turns right and follows dirt road in the forest. The road is following the ridge, passes Chili lake and finishes finishes near Mukhatgverdi cemetery, 800 MSL. Total length of this bicycle trail is 22 kilometers. it's mostly descent but you will find some difficult ascends as well. It's not recommended to do this trail in rainy conditions.

The trail offers incredible panoramic views. The most beautiful part is near Chili lake from where you can see whole Tbilisi as your palm. The trail has medium difficulty, there are some technical parts but it follows the dirt road so nothing unusual.


You can get to the starting point by minibus which goes from Tbilisi to Manglisi everyday. The start point is 2 kilometers before village Mokhisi. Getting back is very easy, because it's very close to Tbilisi, you can easily cycle down to Dighomi. Or you can use yellow bus number 69 from Mukhatgverdi cemetery to Metro station Didube.

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41.7064 , 44.456995
Duration: 6 hours
Total distance: 40 km
Difficulty: Easy
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