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About Museum of Illusions

Best time to visit: All Season

Open the door of the Museum of Illusions in Tbilisi and enter the magical world, where a variety of sensations await you. Curiosity caused by optical and sensory illusions will leave unforgettable emotions in you.

Have fun with friends and family. The Museum of Illusions promises unforgettable impressions to visitors of all ages.

Step into the tunnel of illusions, where you will realize how difficult it is to step on a solid and stable surface. See your distorted image in a room with curved mirrors, free yourself in a room of infinity, resist gravity.

What you will see in the Museum of Illusions in Tbilisi will deserve your admiration, because it is nothing that it seems at first glance.

Come and get acquainted with the world of illusions, try the impossible. Be sure to bring a video camera with you.

Tags: #History #Culture #Museum #Historical Monument

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