Nikoloz Baratashvili Bridge

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About Nikoloz Baratashvili Bridge

Best time to visit: All Season

Nikoloz Baratashvili Bridge is located on the continuation of Nikoloz Baratashvili Street in Tbilisi. It connects the city center and historic districts. The bridge was built in 1965. The architects of the bridge are Shota Kavlashvili and Vladimer Kurtishvili. You can visit cultural-historical monuments and other interesting places near Baratashvili Bridge. One of the most important monuments of Tbilisi, VI century Anchiskhati church and the remains of the old city are located quite near to the bridge. You will discover one of the most attractive and popular buildings in Tbilisi, Gabriadze Puppet Theater with a beautiful tower. You will also get acquainted with the modern architecture of Tbilisi near the Baratashvili Bridge. Also, there are the House of Justice and the Palace of State Ceremonies. There are cafes, restaurants and hotels where you can taste delicious food and relax.

Tags: #History #Culture #Architecture #Bridge #Infrastructure

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