The Sulphur Waters of Nokalakevi

ნოქალაქევის გოგირდოვანი წყლები ნოქალაქევის გოგირდოვანი წყლები

About The Sulphur Waters of Nokalakevi

Best time to visit: All Season

The Sulphur Waters of Nokalakevi- is located in Samegrelo, in the municipality of Senaki, near the Muzeum-Reserve of Nokalakevi. Here one can see how the mineral - spa sulphured hot waters are flowing and creating picturesque travertines and the steaming waterfalls. Some people call this place Dedamoka (Pregnant Mother). According to the legend, many years ago, a pregnant lady had jumped in this water, she was trying to escape from enemy’s army. Unfortunately, she could not manage to seep out and transformed into a stone. The surrounding of Dedamoka is wonderful for its nature as well. In the sulphure waters of Nokalakevi you can feel free to have a spa relaxing with bubbling hot water,, take a rest, and feel the beauty of the essence at the same time.

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