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Rabati Fortress is located in Samtskhe-Javakheti administrative center in the historic district of city Akhaltsikhe - "Rabati". It is located on the bank of river Potskhovi.

Rabati Fortress is currently renovated, it consists of several buildings dated back to different periods of middle age. The castle was the most important defensive object in the region, so its walls remember many hard battles. It also served as a residence for rulers of Akhaltsikhe. Fortress had three layers of walls and was connected to its surroundings by an underground tunnel.


History of the fortress starts from the IX Century. It was renovated and expanded in XII-XIII centuries when it became a residence of Jakeli family, Toponym – “Akhaltsikhe” originates from this period.

During the restoration of Fortress territory in 2011-2012 – Walls, citadel, IX-X Century orthodox church, Haji Akhmed-Pasha Jakeli mosque, madrasa and minaret were renovated, Also Jakeli palace in which, Samtskhe-Javakheti history museum showroom is displayed

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