Rafting on Rioni, Alpina-Tvishi Gorge

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About Rafting on Rioni, Alpina-Tvishi Gorge

Best time to visit: Summer, Autumn, May

Are you looking for unforgettable impressions and new adventures? Then visit us and get unique emotions with us!

"Rafting in Kutaisi" offers you an extreme rafting tour in beautiful Racha-Lechkhumi on the river Rioni.

Racha-Lechkhumi is the best mountainous region, which produces ideal rivers for rafting. We start rafting on the Alpana-Tvishi section of the Rioni gorge near the village of Ghvardia (Racha), cross the Alpani gorge and enter the beautiful canyon of Tvishi (Lechkhumi). Through descending, we will see a merger of two different colored rivers (Rioni and Tskhenistskali). This route is characterized by wildlife, canyons, rock masses elevated in the sky, boulders and whirlpools. You will encounter a lot of big or small waterfalls while rafting.

Wildlife, canyons, waterfalls, full adrenaline, healthy entertainment and fun with friends - all this will create one of the happiest and most diverse days of your life.


We pay special attention to the safety of guests. Each participant will be equipped with a life jacket, helmet, hydro clothing and footwear. The boat will be accompanied by a professional instructor and a kayaker instructor (for safety) who will instruct you before departure and will take care of your safety during the journey. Our instructors have a third-level certificate issued by the International Rafting Federation.

What to consider

Wear sporty/comfortable outfits, carry spare, dry clothes and personal hygiene items as you will definitely get wet during rafting.


In Racha, rafting on the Rioni river is possible on sections of different types and complexity. The difficulty of this route can be of category III-IV, according to the season.

The instructor will select the appropriate difficulty depending on your level of training.

We are waiting for you!

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Duration: 3 hours
Total distance: 21 km
Difficulty: Hard
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Здравствуйте. Хотим заказать рафтинг на 21 июля. Нас 2 человека. За сколько дней до рафтинга мы будем знать, что он состоится? Это связано с арендой жилья в этом районе. Спасибо.


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