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Rompetrol is known to the local market as the leader in terms of highest quality fuel provider of Euro 5 standard. Rompetrol Georgia operates on Georgian market since 2005 and hires more than 800 employees. Rompetrol Georgia operates network of 81 gas stations across the country.

Rompetrol provides newly equipped petrol stations; offers quality service and products in every region of Georgia. It sells Diesel in Georgia.

Products available at Rompetrol petrol stations are: Euro Diesel 51; Efix Euro Diesel 51; Efix Euro Premium 95; Efix Super 98; Euro Regular 92.

Rompetrol fuel stations do not provide a self-service, you do not have to leave the car to fill up the tank.

At almost all of the stations you can pay by card, however in the mountainous regions, and some big villages its preferable to have the cash as the backup payment method if the payment terminal malfunctions . The prices are the same at all the Rompetrol stations.

Rompetrol fuel stations have the WC, however we must mention, that toilets might not be always open.

Not every station offers full list of service mentioned above, therefore please check in advance if the nearby station offers the services you want.

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