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Kasliskure is a bay peninsula on the Alazani River. The width of the neck does not exceed 30-40 meters, while the area is more than 204 hectares. For today, there are entirely preserved groves that are very rich in flora. In Georgia, only in this bay, is the habitat for a natural nut, where the only specimens of giant ash, oaks and elms are preserved. Hence the origin of "Kaklis Kure"

After visiting the shore of Alazani, it is possible to have a snack on the ground for picnics and then return to Dedoplistskaro. The road leads along the ridge, where in the month of April it is possible to see the fields strewn with peonies, then enters the villages - Kvemo Kedi, Archiloskalo and Zeda Kedi, crosses the Shirak valley and returns to Dedopliskaro.

For more detailed information about the Guarded Territories of Vashlovani and cottage reservations, please call - 577 10 18 49 or e-mail - (Nino Seturidze, Visitor Service Specialist).