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Sakanape (Tsriokhi Fortress, Queen Tamar Fortress) is located in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, in the Akhaltsikhe Municipality, in the vicinity of the Atskuri village. It was first mentioned in historical sources in the XVI century. The Sakanape fortress controlled the adjacent territories and, in the event of an enemy invasion, gave a signal to the Atskuri fortress, and also blocked the gorge from Imereti to Meskheti. After the enemy took the Atskuri fortress, the population hid here, since the Tsriokhi fortress was considered the second defensive structure after Atskuri. The fortress complex also includes the Church of the Mother of God. The hall-type temple is built of cut stone. Currently, its roof and part of the wall are collapsed. The Sakanape fortress itself has also survived to this day only in the form of ruins.

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