Tasting of three types of wine

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About Tasting of three types of wine

Best time to visit: Autumn

Wine is an integral part of the Georgian soul, and Georgia is known as the homeland of wine all over the world. Tasting Georgian wine made in Qvevri is a great celebration for all sommeliers or amateurs.

In Brothers Khutsishvili Wine Cellar, which is located in Kakheti, in the village of Kisiskhevi, you have the opportunity to taste 3 types of wine, get acquainted with Georgian traditions and dishes. In the cellar, you can taste any 3 types of wine out of 4 listed: Rkatsiteli, Qisi, Saperavi, "Kakhetian Velvety" Saperavi Semi Sweet. The wine tasting process includes tasting 3 types of wine, bread, cheese and walnuts.

With us, you can order master classes in making churchkhela, khinkali, mtsvadi, khachapuri and baking bread in the tone (the deep circular oven). In our cellar, you can also distill vodka and attend the so-called Zaodoba (the festival dedicated to producing Chacha), which is one of the most entertaining processes in Kakheti.

Our cozy atmosphere, two-centuries-old cellar and kind heart will not leave you without emotions and pleasant memories.

what are you waiting for!? Gather friends and visit us. Fill with emotions and joy, get familiar with the wonders of the Georgian cuisine and create unforgettable memories with us!

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Difficulty: Easy
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