Sighnaghi, kakheti Sighnaghi, kakheti Sighnaghi, kakheti Sighnaghi, kakheti

About Sighnaghi

Sighnaghi is a municipality located in the Kakheti region. It is determined by archeological excavations that this area played an important role since the Paleolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Ages. The territory of Sighnaghi district was formerly known as Kambechovani, and later it was called Kiziki. After the recognition of Christianity as the state religion in Georgia, this side acquired great importance. St. Nino was executed and buried here. Sighnaghi is a word of Turkish origin and means shelter. Sighnaghi municipality is characterized by a diverse landscape. Here you will find bright forests, vast fields and open spaces. The Kilakupra mud volcanoes create a particularly exotic sight. You will also visit interesting monuments in the region. The monasteries of Bodbe and Khirsi are especially famous. The city of Sighnaghi is beautiful with its architectural form and excellent views of the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains. It is also called the city-museum.

Geography and climate

Sighnaghi Municipality is located in Eastern Georgia, in the Kakheti region. Its administrative center is the city of Sighnaghi. The municipality is bordered by Gurjaani and Sagarejo municipalities to the northwest and west, Dedoplistskaro municipality to the southeast, Lagodekhi municipality to the north and northeast, and the Republic of Azerbaijan. A large part of Sighnaghi municipality is occupied by the Iori plateau. A small part of Gombori ridge also enters on its territory. The highest mountain in the Gombori ridge within the municipality is Choporti (1087 m). Sighnaghi lacks a hydrographic network. There are mostly periodic rivers here. We must distinguish two rivers, the Alazani and the Iori. Thorn bushes are spread on Iori highland. In the southern part of the Iori Plateau we find the bush saltwort, from which soda is extracted. There are floodplain forests along the banks of the river Iori: Tsnori, floodplain poplar, Ialghuni, etc. Oak and hornbeam are noteworthy in the forests of Gombori ridge. There are several types of climate in the territory of Sighnaghi municipality. The Iori plateau has a moderately humid steppe climate, with hot summers and cold winters. The Alazani plain has a moderately humid climate, where the winters are moderately cold and the summers are hot. The Gombori ridge has a moderately humid and moderately warm climate with cold winters and long warm summers. The average annual air temperature ranges from 11.1 ° C to 12.6 ° C.

What to see

Sighnaghi is one of the most beautiful and interesting districts and attracts a lot of tourists. Here you will be able to visit important cultural monuments. Among them, the Bodbe Monastery is especially famous, which according to legend, it is built on the place of St. Nino's burial. The city of Sighnaghi is very popular and has a lot of visitors. Its architecture, beautiful streets and wonderful views leave no one indifferent. It is also called the city of love. The unique painting collection of the world's greatest self-taught artist, Niko Pirosmanashvili, is also kept here. Sighnaghi is an attractive district not only in terms of culture, but also in terms of nature. The views of the vast Alazani Valley and the Caucasus are undoubtedly an amazing sight. There is also the Iori Managed Reserve and the Kilakupra Mud Volcano Nature Monument.


Kilakupra mud volcanoes

Iori Managed Reserve

Cultural Monuments

Bodbe Monastery

Khirsa Monastery


Church of St. John the Baptist in Vaqiri

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ana buchukuri
ana buchukuri

გამარჯობა,მაინტერესებს 1 დღიანი ტურის ფასები რამოდენიმე ლოკაციის...მანაქანა სედანი... თბილისიდან რამოდენიმე მიმართულებით,კერძოდ,თბილისი-მცხეთა,თბი-უფლისციხე,თბილ-მესტია,თბილ-ბათუმი,თბილ-ბორჯომი-ახალციხე,თბილ-ბოდბე-სიღნაღი,თბილ-დავით გარეჯი :)

Kaushal Patel
Kaushal Patel

Is it a good season to go to Sighnaghi?

Mari Ami
Mari Ami

It depends what you want to see. If you want to see empty streets and tourist attractions without tourists then it's a good season.
But if you want to see the nature I recommend to go in mid March or April. Because everything is getting green and you can still see the Caucasus mountains covered by snow. Also there are cherry blossoms in mid March on the way to Kakheti.


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