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Skhvilo Fortress is located in Shida Kartli region, Kaspi municipality, near the village of Kvemochala. Firstly, it is mentioned in the chronicle in the X century. The history of the fortress from the XIV century is connected with the Zevdginidze-Amilakhvari family. There was their residence here in the XVII century. Skhvilo fortress has been mentioned often in historical resources since the XVII century. In 1629, after the death of Shah Abbas, Teimuraz I tried to escape the domination of Persia. He should have gotten rid of Simon II who was in Skhvilo fortress. Zurab Eristavi entered to the fortress, beheaded Simon II and sent his head to the king. In 1632, when Rostom became the king, he intended to recruit supporters of Teimuraz, namely Iotam Amilakhvari. When he could not achieve what he wanted, he attacked the fortress. The hall of Skhvilo fortress was quite damaged in these battles. The fortress also played an important role in the XVIII century. The Georgians fortified several times in this fortress during the battles against the Ottomans and Kizilbashis. From 1905 to 1907, the fortress became a meeting place for the revolutionary peasantry. In the XIX century, Skhvilo Fortress lost its fortification importance. The fortress is one of the most important historical and cultural monuments in Georgia. In addition to its cultural significance, it also has a beautiful area. The magnificent views of Kartli can be seen from the fortress built on the hill. The famous Georgian film "Sherekilebi" was taken on Skhvilo fortress and its surrounding areas.


Skhvilo fortress consists of the following buildings: the wall, main tower, tower, church, residential and agricultural buildings, reservoir. The castle is built of cobblestone. Skhvilo Complex is surrounded by a high, thick-walled fence with seven towers. There is nothing on below level of wall but above, at the level of a wooden battle trail, there are watchtowers, the holes for the gun shoot, saloons, and platforms for the warriors to stand. Five storey main tower stands on the north side of the fence. The only entrance to the tower is on the ground floor, 6 meters above ground level. The third floor was covered with a stone arch connecting the walls, and the rest of the floors were covered with wood. There is an exit to the wooden balcony on the fourth floor that overlooks the yard. A small tower stands on the south side of the fence. The entrance is from the yard, 2 meters from the ground. The ground and first floors are covered with arches. The top three floors were covered with wood. There are windows in each wall of the first floor. You’ll find the holes for the gun shoot, on the upper floors along with the windows. There are the doors on the first and fourth floors that led to a wooden balcony. The balconies are destroyed today. Skhvilo Church is a two-storey building located in the south-eastern part of the fortress yard. At first it was one-story, but later a second church was built. Both of the churches have been rebuilt several times. The St. George's Church is a hall type and it is built of blue-cut stone. There is an Asomtavruli( the oldest Georgian alphabet) inscription on the western facade, which informs us that the church was built by the Zevdgenidzes during the reign of Alexander I. The church had a semicircular apse. St. Theodore's Church is also hall type and it is built of cobblestone. The apse had the shape of a trapezoid. In the western part of the inner, large yard of the fortress, you’ll find the ruins of a residential house. The house had three floors. Such three-story buildings were also in the northern and eastern part of the yard. The farm buildings are covered with vault. The entrances are 5-6 meters from the ground. There is a fireplace on all four sides in the center of the big courtyard. Apparently a two- or three-story building stood here. There is a reservoir near the western wall of Skhvilo fortress.

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