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About St. Gabriel Church of Tsikhisjvari

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St. Gabriel Church of Tsikhisjvari is a XXI century basilica, which is located in the village of Tsikhisjvari, in the Borjomi Municipality of Samtskhe-Javakheti. It is built of the gray ashlar. The temple ends with the semicircular apse in the east, whose overlap is lower than the double pitched overlap of the main hall. The church has 6 windows, of which 2 windows are located on the longitudinal walls, one is located in the center of the apse and one at the top of the entrance. The entrance is located to the west and it is separated from the faсade by an architrave stone of different color. The window above it is rectangular, and the windows of the apse and the longitudinal walls are arched. The longitudinal walls of the temple and the apse are followed by a shelf-type cornice and at the bottom it is surrounded by the lace stone unlike the basic building materials.

How to get there

Tsikhisjvari is located in the Borjomi municipality, on the bank of the river Shavitskali, 21 km from Borjomi. The asphalt road goes to Tsikhisjvari.

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