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About St. Nikoloz church

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St. Nikoloz church of Borjomi is the XX century monument. It is located in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, in the center of Borjomi, in Kostava Square. The temple is cross-domed, with an apse in its eastern arm. There are two entrances, from the west and south. Both of them have wooden, ornamented doors. At the top of the west entrance is an arched window and the so-called relief image of Bolnisi cross. The south entrance is decorated with relief frames. There are also a windows on the northern and southern arms of the building and to the east are three windows. The church has an octahedron dome which is carried from the underdome square with the squinches. There is one window on each of the four faces. The building has a two-stepped socle and a simple eave. The relief images are scattered on the facades.

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