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About St. Nino’s Church of Ateni

Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn

St. Nino’s Church of Ateni is located in Shida Kartli region, Gori Municipality, in the village of Didi Ateni, to the north-west of Ateni Sioni, 150 meters away, on the side of the road from Trialeti to Shida Kartli. The two smaller churches,attached to each other, are built of sandstone blocks. The church to the south dates back to the V-VI centuries, and the church to the north- to the late Middle Ages. The antiquity of the southern church is confirmed by the crypt arranged under it and a large aperture made in the south wall.

How to get there

The village of Didi Ateni is located in Shida Kartli region, Gori Municipality, 11 kilometers away from Gori. The road goes to the village of Ateni. The asphalt is damaged, it is possible to get there by Sedan.

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