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Jew peoples have lived in Kutaisi since the middle ages. Their area included the territory between the present Gaponovi Street and Mtsvanekvavila Street. Kutaisi synagogues belong to XIX-XX centuries. There are three synagogues in the city, the oldest one was built in 1852 and it is located at the corner of Mtsvanekvavila and Gapanovi streets. The second synagogue dates back to 1886, and the third to 1912. These two buildings stand side by side at 10 Gapanovi Street.

The first synagogue is lining with hewn stone with a yard around it. Each facades of the synagogue is characterized by symmetry. The main facade faces the courtyard and there is an entrance to its center. There are circular window at the top of the entrance. On both sides of the middle composition there are large arched windows in the arches, which are inscribed with profiled, cylindrical and plant details. There are the stairs and a small space attached to the building on the right side. The facades have a narrow cornice. The yard is surrounded by a medium height wall.

The second synagogue is a quite large building. Its stone facades are decorated with plain, elegant decor. The exit facade to Gaponovi Street is the most decorated. The façade which leads to the yard has a columned portal in the center. The circular columns are finished with capitals of the Corinthian order. The facade is divided by arched openings that are inserted in rectangular areas. The date of construction on the portal is 1886. The facades are finished with cornice. The interior of the building is completely painted.

The third synagogue stands next to a large synagogue built in 1886. It is a smaller, two-storey building. The ground floor is lining with stones, and the first floor is plastered and painted white. The building has two main and secondery entrances. The main entrance is marked with pilasters and a decorative entablature based on it. The second door, on the side facade, is cut at the level of the second floor and connects the yard with a few stairs.

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