Tbilisi National Park - Martkopi Monastery

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About Tbilisi National Park - Martkopi Monastery

Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn

The bicycle trail starts at Tskhvarichamia road, in Tbilisi National park, at 1050 meters above sea level. The highest point of the trail is 1450 meters. The first 6 km is the medium level difficulty ascent, after 6 km the trail descents and will pass Martkopi Monastery. Till this place the road follows the forest road, where you will probably meet mud places. From Martkopi Monastery starts ordinary grunt road, and in Norio there is asphalted road. The road passes norio and ends on Tbilisi bypass.

As the 50% of the road is forest dirt road we recommend to use mountain bicycle (MTB)

Tags: #Bicycle #Adventure Tour #Bike trail

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Duration: 1 day
Total distance: 24 km
Difficulty: Medium
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