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Tbilisi Sea - the same as the Tbilisi Reservoir, Samgori Reservoir on the Iori Plateau, northeast of Tbilisi. It was created on the site of salt lakes - Avlabari, Ilgunian and Kukia.

The sea of ​​Tbilisi is wide in the north-western part, narrow in the south-eastern part. Length - 8.75 km, maximum width 1.85 km. The area is 11.6 km. The volume of water is 308 million.m3. The greatest depth is 45 m. The average depth is 26.6 m.

Tbilisi Sea is an important recreational zone in the capital of Georgia. A yacht club has been built, aquapark Gino Paradise, with open and closed pools, attractions and a wellness center. On the side of Varketili on the Tbilisi Sea, there are two obelisks erected in the fifties, which are connected with the opening of the reservoir.

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