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About Tedo papa's Wine Cellar

Best time to visit: All Season

Tedo papa's wine cellar is located in village khashmi. The wine cellar is producing 2 varieties of wine: Saperavi and Rkatsiteli. Wine is produced from our vineyard with traditional method. The wine cellar is common with its history. In the past lord, Cholokashvili was using this territory for his wine cellar. Also, all village population were saving their wine in this cellar. The wine cellar is active from the 18th century. 

In our wine cellar, you can taste Georgian traditional food and our wine.

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Duration: 3 hours
Total distance: 0.1 km

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Wine Tasting: Khashmi Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Chacha15Sign of Georgian Lari.svg
Menu: Georgian Traditional cuisine45Sign of Georgian Lari.svg
Masterclass: Bake bread in Tone, bake Khachapuri40 Sign of Georgian Lari.svg

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