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Tejisi St. George's Church is located in the village of Tejisi, Tsalka Municipality, Kvemo Kartli Region. The temple is surrounded by a megalithic fence that had a stone-monolithic entrance, although it is now demolished.

The megalith is a building constructed with huge stones (dolmen, menhir, cromlech, stone boxes, closed corridors), which was common in the 3rd-2nd millennia B.C.


Presumably, megalithic building stones are also used for the construction of the temple. According to the plan, the temple is a rectangular hall building with a semicircular apse to the east. There are two niches in the apse. There is a table stone on the altar. The interior is plastered. The entrance is from the south, it is arched. Rectangular windows are cut in the east, south, and west walls.

In various sources, the church is referred to as St. George's, St. Demetrius's, and St. Nicholas's. We do not have accurate information, we have indicated the option marked on the Google map.

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