inbound3754259012688080891 inbound1943533712450422366 inbound1851423348052238605 inbound1588798450815733079 inbound5790190225215635245 inbound3312476252403823805 inbound2841924286222775724 inbound2343499599119254517 inbound5853296017427575796 inbound4820334080363801513
Category Sedan
Year 2015
Engine Size 2.5
drivetrain Front wheel Drive
Ability to drive Paved road
Average Cons. on 100 km 12
Driver side left
Number of Doors 5
Suitcases 4
Emergency Kit Yes
Audio CD Player, CD/MP3 Player, AUX, USB Drive, Blue Tooth Calling
Salon Combined (Leather and Cloth)
Seasonal tires Yes
With driver
4 Seats


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