Tsalenjikha Tsalenjikha წალენჯიხა, ინწრას ჩანჩქერი

About Tsalenjikha

Tsalenjikha - a town and municipality in Samegrelo - Zemo Svaneti Region, the administrative center of Tsalenjikha Municipality. It is located on the bank of the Chanistskali river, at an altitude of 222 meters above sea level. It was declared a city in 1964. There are health, education and cultural institutions in the city.


    • Tsalenjikha Cathedral Church of the Transfiguration of Savior
    • The ruins of Gamajistsikhe
      • The Fortress “Katskhara”
        • Samikao Cave
          • Episcopal Church
            • Jaghiri Fortress
              • “St. Barbare” Church
                • Uluria Fortress
                  • “Mamukia Tower”
                    • “Dilakirse” Fortress
                      • The ruins of Skuri Fortress
                        • The ruins of Lesale Fortress
                          • Jgali cone Tower
                            • St. Nikoloz Church of Jgali
                              • St George Temple of Jgali
                                • Church Of The Blessed Virgin Mary of Jvari
                                  • Obuji, Jgali (Lekharchile), Sachno Churches under construction
                                    • Castle-Tower “ Omune”
                                      • Castle-Tower Mumana
                                        • Castle-Tower of Lekarde
                                          • Leshamge Church
                                            • The ruins of the castle with embrasure
                                              • Maghalgori Castle
                                                • “Dobera” Castle
                                                  • “Naokhvamu” Church Chair
                                                    • Jikha “Defensive character”
                                                      • Jvari Church
                                                        • “Kvakantsala”
                                                          • St. George Church (ruins) XI c.
                                                            • “Nojikhevi” Castle ruins
                                                              • “Jikha” Castle ruins (Chkvaleri)
                                                                • “Jikha” Castle ruins (Sachino)
                                                                  • St. George Church (Mujhava)
                                                                    • “Nojikhuri” XI-XV c.
                                                                      • Intsira Waterfall (Intsra).
                                                                      • Enguri (Jvari) reservoir.


                                                                        • Historical-Ethnographic Museum of Tsalenjikha
                                                                        • House-Museum of Terenti Graneli
                                                                          • House-Museum of Taras Kvaratskhelia
                                                                            • House-Museum of Leo Kiacheli
                                                                              • Museum of Egnate Pipia / Chkvaleri

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