Tsalenjikha Historical-Ethnographic Museum

Tsalenjikha Historical-Ethnographic Museum

About Tsalenjikha Historical-Ethnographic Museum

Best time to visit: Winter, Spring, Summer, January

Tsalenjikha Historical-Ethnographic Museum is located in Samegrelo, in the city of Tsalenjikha. It was established in 2001. There are presented various materials in the museum. It includes the periods from Paleolith (the Old Stone age) to the XX century. Here you can see the home, farm, and battle tools and equipment, crockery, vessels, made out of clay, wood, glass, and bronze, diverse exponents of ethnographic achievements. Also, there are the photo galleries of the region's famous and distinguished public men, documentary materials also. Tsalenjikha ethnographic museum is one of the most interesting places one can see, especially for those, who are interested in culture and history.

Tags: #History #Culture #Museum #Historical Monument

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