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The city and resort Tskaltubo is located in Imereti region, Tskaltubo municipality, at 95-120 meters above sea level. It is distinguished by its healing properties and beautiful nature. About 150 varieties of perennial deciduous and coniferous plants are cultivated in the resort area. Tskaltubo is a balneological resort and is famous for its thermal-radon mineral water baths. The city has a sanatorium, hotels, a polyclinic, and a research institute for allergology, asthma, and clinical immunology. An artificial lake - "Cold Lake" has been created on the territory of the resort. If you want a comfortable and sanative rest, you will find a wonderful environment here. The resort hidden in the green with beautiful gardens, alleys, and healing waters is best for unwinding. Tskaltubo was still known in the VII-IX centuries, and in the XII-XIII centuries, it was already widely popular as a medical point. The first references to the healing waters of Tskaltubo were published in 1782 in the Proceedings of the Berlin Natural Society. The construction of the resort started in 1926, by a decree of 1931, it was declared a Tskaltubo resort and a balneotherapy center. The resort is still very popular and attracts many tourists.

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