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Tsugrugasheni — XIII century dome temple, located in Kvemo Kartli region, Bolnisi Municipality, on the right bank of the river Bolnisistskali, a few km from Bolnisi Sioni church, on a hill slope. 

In the church inscriptions are mentioned king Giorgi and the builder of the church Hasan son of Arsen. According to Rene Shmerlings oppinion, the mentioned king Giorgi must be the same as king Giorgi Lasha, this means that the temple was built during his reign in 1212-1222.

In the temple, on the south wall, there is so called hidden place (its so narrow, that only a hand can reach it), where is inserted a stone, which depicts a Bolonian cross in a carved circle and Georgian inscription.


According to legend, the existence of such a strange hideaway is connected to the fact of confrontation between Georgian and not Georgian population. The existence of the hidden place was known only by Georgian speaking population. 

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