Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail

About Tusheti - Khevsureti Trail

Best time to visit: Summer

Route difficulty: Hard

Trail length: 85 km

Duration: 5 days

Price includes: Transportation, Guide, Guesthouse, Meal, Horses, Insurance

Price does not include: Hotel in Tbilisi

The best time for tour is period between: 20 June - 30 September

The price is calculated for one person in a group of 5 people.

Tour Experience:

Our journey continues from Tbilisi to Tusheti. The driver came at 9 a.m. we packed our bags in the car and left for Kakheti. Two hours later, we started the road connecting Tusheti, which follows the narrow gorge of Stori and slowly goes up the pass (2960 m). We continued the journey from the pass to the villages of Tusheti. After another 2 hours of riding, we arrived in Omalo, where we visited the Keselo towers and the ethnographic museum, and then we moved to the village Shenako, which is distinguished by its balconies, houses, and sacred places.

We met the horses in Shenako, who were our companions for the next three days, and then they went back to Shenako again.

We stayed at a guesthouse in Shenako. At 7 p.m. we tasted delicious Tushetian dishes and joined the young people of the village, who lit a bonfire every evening and had fun with local music and songs.

The next day at 8 o'clock, we had breakfast, packed the horses, and got ready to leave. After saying goodbye to the host family, we rode to Sanare pass (2500 m). The trail follows the slope of a mountain covered with beautiful pine trees and goes up to the pass, from where the beautiful views overlook the 3 valleys of Tusheti.

We descended the pass and went to Chigo, from where we rode to the village Dartlo, which is on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Dartlo is distinguished by the petroglyphs engraved on the walls of the houses and the ancient court, which dates back to the XII century.

From Dartlo we went to the village Tchesho, where we stopped at a guesthouse.

On the third day, we had breakfast at 8 o'clock and got ready to leave. The weather was wonderful, making the trip even more enjoyable. At 10 o'clock we arrived in the village Pharsma. The guide told us its history and interesting legends related to it, and we continued our way to the village Girevi, where we got a pass with the border police and followed the narrow path of the mountain slope. The trail goes deep into the valley and periodically crosses the river, although it is very easy to cross the river on horseback.

It was 5 p.m. when we arrived at the campsite, which is located 2800 meters above sea level.

On the fourth day, we had breakfast at 8 o'clock, set up tents, and got ready to leave when the rain started. We all packed our raincoats and rode our horses to the pass before the passing hail started. The hail made it difficult to travel, but the hail did not last long, and soon we went to the Atsunta Pass, which is 3,500 meters above sea level.

From the pass, we quickly started to descend. Meanwhile, the sun came out and beautiful mountains appeared in the fog. We reached the village of Mutso along the mountain paths, which are built in a beautiful place and create a spectacular view. We left Mutso for the village of Shatili and stopped at a pre-booked guesthouse at 5 pm.

On the fifth day, we said goodbye to the horses that had to go back to Shenako; Finally, we returned to Tbilisi from Shatili by car.

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Min group size: 5 Persons
+995 599 318 015
Duration: 5 days
Difficulty: Medium
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