Ushba waterfall

Ushba Waterfall (Shdugra )


About Ushba Waterfall (Shdugra )

Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn

Ushba waterfall (Shdugra) is the most affluent waterfall in whole Georgia. Located in Svaneti, near Mazera village. You can reach both, the bottom of the waterfall, as the overhead of it. If you get overhead, you will be able to see the glacier at the bottom of the Ushba, also, wonderful views all over the Svaneti. The path, which leads you to the waterfall, is about 3 kilometers long, (with one direction). If you want to get to the head of the waterfall, then you will have to walk extra 3 kilometers. The last part of the path belongs to medieval complexity. Also, you will have to cross the river, but believe me, it’s worth seeing.

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Eka Kartozia
Eka Kartozia

გამარჯობა რომელ საათამდე მუშაობს მუზეუმი?

Ucha Gviniashvili
Ucha Gviniashvili

გამარჯობა, რომელ მუზეუმს გულისხმობთ?

Xavi Kln
Xavi Kln

Is it ok to hike there early April?


Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

Good day. Even though it is 3 km. to hike it will be difficult to get there in early April. It depends how big the snow will be at that period. If you have the snow shoes you might reach the waterfall. However i would not recommend you to hike there in the beginning of April.


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