Zip Line in Makhuntseti

ზიპლაინi მახუნცეთში ზიპლაინi მახუნცეთში ზიპლაინi მახუნცეთში ზიპლაინi მახუნცეთში

About Zip Line in Makhuntseti

Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn

Are you ready to get unforgettable and intense emotions? Imagine a 118-meter-high, 512-meter-long zip line tour in the wonderful nature surrounded by the mountains of Adjara, the impressions of which will last for a long time. The zipline starts from the beginning of the Makhuntseti waterfall and ends at the end of Queen Tamar's Bridge. On the way, you will pass a beautiful waterfall, picturesque mountains, the river Adjaristaqali, Ats-HPP. Makhuntseti zip line includes 1 zip line and 2 ropes.


Zipline tours are carried out in compliance with all safety rules and norms.

The process is led by professional, certified instructors who provide the necessary training to the tour participants.

The technical safety of the zipline is also fully ensured. The special magnetic wheels help to balance the speed; the braking system is fully maintained and protected. In addition, audio and video control is underway at the start and end points of the tour to ensure complete safety monitoring.

Things To Consider

  • Zipline tours are not recommended for pregnant women;
  • The maximum weight allowed on the zipline is 120 kg;
  • Minimum age: 6 years;

The fee includes special outdoor clothing/vest attached to the zipline and helmet!

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Ayad Pqiue
Ayad Pqiue

Hi there, im interested in Zip line, is there a pick up from hotel in Batumi


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