Abastumarni - Okrostikhe (Goldern Fortress) - Zanavi Fortress - Chulevi Monastery - Adigeni

Oqros cixe, Adigeni Oqrostsikhe fortress, Adigeni - ოქროსციხე, ადიგენი Zanavi fortress, Adigeni Zanavis cixe, Adigeni ზანავის ციხე - Zanavi fortress

About Abastumarni - Okrostikhe (Goldern Fortress) - Zanavi Fortress - Chulevi Monastery - Adigeni

Best time to visit: Summer, April, May, September, October

The route starts from the point where rivers Otskhe and Kurtskhana coincide. The trail crosses the river Otskhe and enters the gorge of river Kurtskhana. At the beginning of the trail goes along the ground road which crosses the river in some places. Deep in the gorge, the path turns to the left and with the forest road goes up to the alpine area. At the alpine area, you will see the summer farms. Near the most left summer farm, there is the water source. You can camp nearby. The path continues to the south, the trail crosses fields, roads, streams and approaches the coniferous forest. We enter the forest descend to the south, soon after, we will find the path, which takes the travellers to fortress Okrostsikhe. You can access the fortress from the Northside. After the Fortress the trail continues to the North-West. At first, It reaches to the water source and then it gets to the village Gomaro by the ground road. After the village, we continue the trip to the Fortress Zanavi. From the village Gomaro we will head to the west, cross the coniferous forest, overcome the small hill and will see the fortress of Zanavi. It is not possible to access the fortress as the ladder is broken. The ground road located on the south from the fortress take travellers to village Zanavi and finally to Chulevi Monastery. On the way back from Chulevi right before the road crosses the stream you will notice the trail on the right side. The trail will take you to the artificial irrigation channel and then to the fields which are fenced. You will head to the south and finally, you will connect to the ground road which at first get to the village Adigeni and then descends to city Adigeni. 

Tags: #hiking #4X4 #trekking #Backpacking #Adventure Tour #Jeep tour
Duration: 2 days
Total distance: 28 km
Difficulty: Easy

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Zurab Bostashvili

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