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About Abudelauri Lakes (Roshka) Day Hike 25 Jun

Best time to visit: Summer, Autumn

Join us on a day hike to the colorful Abudelauri Lakes near Roshka village. Our trail will take us through a peaceful mountain valley up to the southern slopes of Mount Chaukhi, where three stunning tarns spoil hikers with breathtaking colors.

👉Date: Sun 25 Jun

👉Duration: 1 day

👉Driving distance: 210 km

👉Trip difficulty: Moderate to hard

👉Group size: Min. 5 participants

👉Pick-up: 08:00, Samaia Garden, Tbilisi

👉Drop-off: Around 21:00 (The arrival time will depend on the traffic)

👉Price: 140 GEL

👉Trail parameters:

Difficulty: moderate (hard for inexperienced hikers or hikers not used to high-altitude trails)

Distance: 16 km – A to A roudway, with 8 km uphill

Min. elevation: 1984 m.a.s.l.

Max. elevation: 2834 m.a.s.l.

Total ascent: 800 m

Approximate hiking time: 7 hrs.

Trail description: The trail starts in the village of Roshka and leads through a picturesque valley to the foothills of Mount Chaukhi. It’s a round-way trail that gradually rises towards the peak. The hike has three sections:

1. From Roshka to Green Lake – 6km, medium difficulty level

2. From Green Lake to Blue Lake – 500m, easy difficulty level

3. From Blue Lake to White Lake (foothills of Mount Chaukhi) – 2 km, hard difficulty level, this part includes hiking on gravel and rocks.

If you decide you cannot hike the last section, you can wait at the Blue or Green Lake.


We will leave Tbilisi early in the morning and drive to the tiny, remote village of Roshka. In Roshka, we will leave our vehicles and start our hike.

The walk will take us through a beautiful, spacious valley. We will cross a small stream and gradually start hiking towards Mount Chaukhi, rising at the valley’s northern end.

Our first stop will be the tiny Green Lake, named after the color of its waters. A few hundred meters farther lies Blue Lake. This area is relatively easy to access, with a well-marked trail.

Further, however, the path becomes much steeper, covered with gravel that moves under your feet. It’s the most challenging part of the hike but also the most rewarding one. At the path’s end lies White Lake fed by the water sipping from Chaukhi Glacier.

Once we reach White Lake, we rest, enjoy the views, and eat our picnic lunch. In the late afternoon, we will head back to our vehicles. Return to Tbilisi. The end of the tour.


✅4WD Transfers

✅Sightseeing/ hiking itinerary with an English-speaking guide

tour is non refundable

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Language: English
Duration: 1 day

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