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About Algeti Reservoir

Best time to visit: All Season

Algeti Reservoir - Reservoir on the Algeti River. It is located in Tetritskaro municipality of Kvemo Kartli, in the vicinity of Tbisi village, 55 km away from Tbilisi.

The Algeti River flows into the reservoir. It is planned to build a 1.1 MW Algeti hydroelectric station. Reservoir water is used for irrigation- Tbisi-Kumisi. Delivers water to villages: Djordjiashvili, Asureti, Borbalo, Koda, Marabda and others.

In 2012, local people accidentally found an early medieval human skull, on the Algeti reservoir. According to experts, it dates back to the V-VI centuries AD and belongs to a man under 40. Archaeologists have also found tombs and remains in the reservoir area, suggesting that there was a settlement here in the Middle Ages.

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Сергей Ильин
Сергей Ильин

Добрый день, Расскажите Можно ли передвигаться на водохранилище на лодке с мотором или просто на лодке, Разрешена ли рыбалка Есть ли какие-то ограничения, какая рыба ловится

Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

Рыбачить можно. Но к сожалению не можем сказать ничего про лодки.


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