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About Tetritskaro

Tetritskaro municipality is located in Kvemo Kartli region, eastern Georgia. The administrative center is the town Tetritskaro, which is located on the place of the historic village of Garisi. The famous Garisi battle against the Qizilba tribes took place in this village in 1556. This region is characterized by beautiful nature and many ancient cultural monuments. There are cool forests, small lakes and steppe and sub-alpine meadows. The valleys of Khrami and Chivchavi are wonderful. You will discover mysterious megaliths, old churches, inaccessible castles that will witness you the history of battles and amazing views. The diverse nature and culture of this area leave the visitors with an unforgettable impression.

geography and climate

Tetritskaro municipality has natural borders. It is bordered by the municipalities of Bolnisi to the south, Tsalka and Dmanisi to the west, Gardabani and Marneuli to the east, Kaspi and Mtskheta to the north. The southern part of the municipality lies on the Tetritskaro plateau, which is the northern part of the Kvemo Kartli plateau. It is separated by several small river canyons in the middle. In the southwestern part of the region, there is the Shua Khrami Mountains. There is Trialeti Ridge to the north side, which is made by medieval volcanogenic rocks. The frequent hydrographic network of the Tetritskaro municipality creates a united system of the Mtkvari River. The main river of the municipality is Algeti. It has many tributaries: Asuretiskhevi, Lakviskhevi, Gudarekhistskali, Odziskhevi, Bogviskhevi, Lamiskiskhevi, Partskhistskali and Bzistskali. The river Khrami flows on the territory of municipality and its tributaries are: Aslanka, Chivchava, Tetritskaro, Kldeisistskali, Akhalapistskali and others. In Tetritskaro is located Algeti reservoir, which is formed in the mid flow of Algeti River. There are also some small lakes on the Bedeni Plateau. There are diverse flora and fauna in the municipality. The Algeti State Reserve was founded here in 1965, which is located on the southern slope of the Trialeti Range. The climate is moderately humid here, with mild cold winters and long, warm summers. The average annual temperature in January is 0 ° C in the valley and -10 ° C in the mountains, in July it is 15 ° C in the mountains and 24 ° C in the valley.

What to see?

Tetritskaro is a very beautiful municipality, with its forests, valleys and open spaces. The canyon of Birtvisi is very impressive. Our ancestors built the fortress of Birtvisi here. It was considered as an unconquerable fortress. The monument of Samshvilde Canyon is the combination of Khrami Gorge and Chivchavi Canyon. Apart from the beautiful scenery, Samshvilde is famous for its historical-cultural significance. The whole history of Georgia is shown here, starting from the megalithic past to the late medieval times. You will find ancient castles, temples, tombs, churches etc. There are many interesting monuments of different periods in Tetritskaro, which are telling interesting stories about Georgia.


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Things to do: 75
area, km2: 1,168
Population: 21,889
41.543235 , 44.461247
Recommended duration: 1 day

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