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Gardabani municipality is located in Kvemo Kartli region. Traces of human life in this area have been observed since ancient times. Bronze Age settlements and tombs have been discovered, as well as traces of ancient culture. During the reign of the King of Kartli - Parsman Kveli (II century), a channel was cut from Rustavi to the Gardabani Valley, which contributed to develop a large agricultural area in this region. Gardabani was also quite developed in the middle ages. When Vakhtang Gorgasali divided Georgia into Saeristavos (administrative unit of Georgia in old times), the Gardabani Kingdom had an important defensive role. During the Arab invasion period, Gardabani lost some of its importance. But since the reign of David the Builder, this territory started to develop again. During the Golden Age of Georgia, many important historical and cultural monuments were built here. The most tragic year in the history of Gardabani is 1265. Berka Kaen spent the winter of this year in the fields of Gardabani and Davit Gareji territories. His army, that consisted of 300 000 solider, destroyed all the towns and villages that existed here. Almost 400 years later, Gardabani has been no longer a settlement. Nowadays, the following fields are developed in the municipality: industry, construction, trade, agriculture, small business. Energy is the leader in the field of industry. Also, the main sources of agriculture are farming and beekeeping. There are a museum, theater, libraries and other cultural and educational institutions in Gardabani. The municipality has great tourist potential, which is due to the exotic nature and a lots of important cultural monuments. This area attracts a lot of travelers. Colorful deserts, blue lakes, extensive views and ancient historical monuments leave the visitors under the impression.


Gardabani municipality is located in Kvemo Kartli region. Its administrative center is the town, also called Gardabani. The municipality is bordered on the south by Azerbaijan, on the north by Mtskheta and Tbilisi municipalities, on the east by Sagarejo, and on the west by Tetritskaro and Marneuli municipalities. The northern and north-western parts of Gardabani municipality are occupied by mountains, while the southern and southeastern parts are occupied by plains and peaks. The main peaks of the area are: Sanishno (1499 m) and Udzo (1419 m). The Mtkvari River flows along the border of Gardabani Municipality, and in the inner part of the territory there are mainly periodic rivers, for example: Lochini, Arkhasheni, Nagubi, Khevdzmari, Orkhevi, Navtiskhevi etc. There are also lakes (Kumisi Lake, Jandari Lake) here.

Only 15% of the Gardabani area is covered by forests and brushwood. The fauna is quite rich here. You can find: wolf, fox, rabbit, hedgehog, forest cat and others. And the birds: Rock partridge, hoopoe, thrush, pheasant, hawk, etc.

The Gardabani municipality has a moderately humid subtropical climate. There is moderately warm field climate in plain, with hot summers, and in the mountains - moderately humid climates, moderately cold winters and long, warm summers. The average annual temperature ranges from 13 ° C to 6 ° C. January average temperatures range from 0.3 ° C to -5 ° C, and July temperatures range from 25 ° C to 11 ° C.

What to see

Gardabani municipality is characterized by exotic nature and abundance of historical cultural monuments. It attracts many lovers of nature and wandering. The colorful desert of Mravaltskaro is the most popular. The landscapes striped in different colors and the vast spaces make this place stunning. The lakes of Jandari and Kumisi, the reservoir of Mravaltskaro are also very beautiful. There is Gardabani Reserve on the territory of the municipality, where 135 species of birds and 26 species of mammals live. We can still find a noble deer in the Gardabani protected area, which is included "red list" of Georgia. In addition to its interesting and fascinating nature, this region is also rich with ancient cultural monuments. You find ancient settlements, temples and defenses here. The most well-known monasteries of the region are: Mravaltskaro Monastery, St Mary Monastery of Martkopi, Kabeni Monastery, and others. There is a museum of local lore in Gardabani more than 2,000 exhibits are preserved here. The exhibitions presented in the museum include periods from the Stone Age to the late Middle Ages.


Gardabani national Park

Mravaltskaro Colorful Mountains

Mravaltskaro Reservoir

cultural Monuments:

Martkopi Monastery

Kabeni Monastery

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area, km2: 1,067
Population: 81,280
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