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About Kabeni Monastery

Best time to visit: All Season

Kabeni Monastery is located in Tetritskaro municipality, Kvemo Kartli region, near the village of Kiketi, in the Asuretistskali Gorge. The complex consisted of several monuments: the cupola-shaped church of the Virgin Mary, the Great Cathedral, the church of Svimon Mesveti and the Hall church of the Archangel Michael. There are some pictures and paintings saved that show that the Church of the Virgin Mary was important monument of Georgian architecture of the first half of the XIII century. It almost repeated the plan of the church of Betania, but at the same time it was completely different by the facade decoration.

In 1851 the church was painted. There is a small hall church to the north-west side of the fence. It is built with fragments of stones and has yellow color. The decoration of the temple is based on the decorative system developed in XII-XIII centuries. An inscription on the east facade informs us that the sons of George Kabeni - NiKoloz, Vasil, Okropiri and Grigol completed the construction of a church that had begun during the reign of King Tamar.

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