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About Gokhnari Lodovani

Best time to visit: All Season

Gokhnari Lodovani is located in the Kvemo Kartli region, belongs to Tetritskaro municipality, near the village of Gokhnari, in the Algeti valley, 1500 meters above sea level. It is one of the biggest cyclopean complexes in Georgia and dates back II-I centuries BC. The complex consists of three main parts: crack-tunnel, old settlement and fortress. The monument is inaccessible from all sides except the northwest, from where there was the water road.

Gokhnari Lodovani’s area occupies 0,25 sq. km. There is a huge columnar monolith in the center, which is visible from all sides. The building has a rectangle shape. It is built by large blocks of unprocessed andesite rock. There are cylindrical towers on the southern margin. Also there are four truncheons in all three sections of the building with artificially arranged entrances. Here are five dolmens, fissure-tunnels, columnar monoliths of different sizes and a remnant of "Eratipa." Gokhnari Lodovani is included in the whole complex of megalithic monuments around Sakrisi Mountain and belongs to the Early Bronze Age.

Tags: #History #Culture #Archaeology #Historical Monument #Archaeological Site

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