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Didgori Monument is located in Kvemo Kartli region, Tetritskaro Municipality. The memorial complex, which consists of many elements, is dedicated to one of the most important and famous battles in the history of Georgia, the Battle of Didgori. In 1121, the king David the Builder won the great victory in the battle of Didgori against numerous Turkish-Seljuk army. Historians have called this battle "A Miraculous Victory". This victory in the Battle of Didgori gave a possibility to Georgia to be liberated and it was the beginning of the golden era in Georgian history. The memorial occupies a large area. There is a monument with a lion depicted in the center of complex, surrounded by large swords, ceremonial pillars, bells and other elements. The Didgori monument is erected in the open area and it makes a great impression on the visitors. Apart from the monument, you will enjoy the beautiful views of Shida Kartli and Kvemo Kartli from here. There is celebration of the Great Victory of Georgians at Didgori valley on the 12th of August every year, a variety of events are organized during the day. Many people from all over Georgia visit the Didgori Battle Memorialon this day. There is a road to drive to the Didgori Monument.

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