About Marneuli

Marneuli municipality is located in the Kvemo Kartli region. The traces of human life in the municipality begins in the Stone Age, as evidenced by the Imiri hill, the Shulaveri hill, the eneolithic dwelling place of Iron Rock and other settlements. Apart from the stone age, layers of Early Bronze Age and medieval period were also identified, confirming that settlements in the area have in fact continuously been in existence. The remains of a megalithic fortress are still found in the district. Marneuli became a large settlement as a result of the unification of the villages: Lomtagora-Marneuli, Church, Chandar-Sandari and Sarvani. It became a separate district in 1947. Nowadays, there are higher educational institutions, 2 theaters, 2 museums and libraries in Marneuli. TVR company “Algeti” also broadcasts from Marneuli. Agriculture is developed in the municipality. The leading fields are: cereal farming, market-gardening, tobacco-growing, viticulture, essential oil crop farming, livestock. Industry is also developed, which is mainly based on mineral raw materials and agricultural raw materials. The Tbilisi-Yerevan railway line runs through the territory of Marneuli municipality. Marneuli is characterized by a variety of landscapes and cultural monuments, attracting many tourists. It is one of the most interesting places in Georgia for travel lovers.

Geography and Climate

Marneuli municipality is located in the eastern part of Kvemo Kartli. Its administrative center is the city of Marneuli. Marneuli borders Bolnisi municipality to the west, Tetritskaro to the north, Gardabani to the northeast, Azerbaijan and Armenia to the south. The central part of the municipality is surrounded by the accumulated plains of Marneuli. In the northern part of the district located the Iaghluji highland, and in the southern part, the Babakari Ridge is erected. The area of the district is characterized by frequent hydrographic networks. The river Mtkvari flows along the eastern border of Marneuli. The rivers Khrami and Algeti also flow in the territory of the municipality. Flora and fauna in Marneuli are diverse. In the area beard grass, thorny steppe, sparse, floodplain and semi-desert vegetation are common. Widespread medlar, sea buckthorn, maple, Georgian oak, blackthorn, etc. In the forests are inhabited badgers, wild boars, white breasted marten and others. In Marneuli almost everywhere can be found reed cat, rabbits, wolves and others. Ornithofauna is also abundant in the region, where you will find pheasants, partridge, partridge, skylark and many other birds. In the Marneuli municipality there is moderately dry subtropical warm steppe climate, with hot summers and mild cold winters. The average annual temperature is 12 °C, 0-0.3 °C in January and 24 °C in July.

What to see

Marneuli municipality is distinguished by its diversity of nature and abundance of cultural monuments of different periods. In the region you will find semi-desert, mixed forests and alpine mountains, which allows us to plan an exciting and adventurous trip. Apart from the beauty of nature there are many monuments of historical and cultural importance in Marneuli. Here you will find settlements of the Stone Age, the remains of megalithic buildings and medieval temples and fortresses. Well-known and important archaeological sites are the Imiri hill and the Shulaveri hill. A distinctive monument is also the eneolithic dwelling place of Iron Rock, where fragments of symbols painted in red paint remain. The Monastery Complex should be noted: Khujabi, Khorozhni Monastery, Tsopi Fortress, Opreti Fortress and many others. Many monuments in Marneuli are very damaged, but their harmonious proportions, high decoration and architectural features make a great impression on the viewer. You can also visit the house-museum of great Georgian writer Mikheil Javakhishvili in Marneuli.

Cultural Monuments

The Monastery Complex- Hujabi

Tsopi Fortress

Binadzori Complex

Kvemo Tserakvi Monastery Complex

Shulaveri Fortress


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