Kvemo Tserakvi monastery complex

წერაქვის სამონასტრო კომპლექსი წერაქვის სამონასტრო კომპლექსი წერაქვის სამონასტრო კომპლექსი წერაქვის სამონასტრო კომპლექსი წერაქვის სამონასტრო კომპლექსი წერაქვის სამონასტრო კომპლექსი წერაქვის სამონასტრო კომპლექსი წერაქვის სამონასტრო კომპლექსი წერაქვის სამონასტრო კომპლექსი

About Kvemo Tserakvi monastery complex

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Kvemo Tserakvi monastery complex is located in Kvemo Kartli region, near the village of Tserakvi, Marneuli municipality. The complex includes the XII-XIII centuries’ Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the Archangel church of the X century and the late medieval church of St. George, the bell tower, the cellar and the wall. Tserakvi is a very old and historical village. There is a medieval castle near Tserakvi - "The heart of Big Sun" and the hall church. A well-known Georgian writer and public figure - Mikheil Javakhishvili was from Tserakvi, there is his house-museum too.


Kvemo Tserakvi St. Mary church of Assumption is a two-nave building of the XII-XIII centuries. It is built on a rock massif and based on a high artificial substructure from the southern side. The church has a profiled plinth. It is built of well-smoothed stone with a horizontal order. The floor of alter is elevated by one step. The apse of the alter gets narrow slightly. There are two entrances, one from the west and the other one from the south. Both of the entrances have two-sided open arched gates. The south gate has a semicircular domed chamber on the inside. The south and west windows have carved edges. The windows of the east are decorated with images of crosses. The facades are surrounded by profiled cornice.
Kvemo Tserakvi St. George's Church dates back to the XVI-XVIII centuries. It is a hall church that ends with a semicircular apse to the east. The church is built of thin stone. There are one rectangular window in the altar and one on the west wall. The church has an architectural entrance from the south. In the eastern part of the south facade of the building there is a small building, it is a chapel built by lumps of stones. The chapel has an architectural entrance from the west. There are small rectangular windows cut in the eastern and southern walls. The facades of the hall church and the chapel are made of plain green stones.

Kvemo Tserakvi Archangels Church is a hall church of X century. It stands on the northwest side of the main church, on a high spot. The rectangular church ends with a semicircular apse to the east. From the south and east walls the church is surrounded by a one-stepped substructure, the rest sides are in rock. Single arched windows are cut to the east, west and south sides. The interior is completely covered in white. The church has an architrave entrance to the west.

There is Marani (Georgian name of wine cellar) built to the south of the main monastery, on the artificial substructure.It belongs to the late middle ages. The south wall of the cellar is fortified with three round imposts. The building has small air windows to the east. There are fragments of Qvevri(Georgian clay jars for making wine) in the floor. The cellar has a flat roof, where you will find an open terrace now. The cellar has an architrave entrance from the west.

Tserakvi monastery complex is surrounded by the wall built of flat and large stones. It dates back to the XVI-XVII centuries. The wall is of medium height and is fortified with round pillars. The southern part of the wall is damaged. The main entrance is from the west, where is a rectangular gate-tower. The arches of the gate are built with new stones. The south wall of the gate is fortified with a round impost. To the east of the main church, on the place of an old nunnery, there are newly built three-floor cells and other buildings for monks. The buildings are built of flat and big stones. Residential buildings are attached the wall to the east side.

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Beata Karaś
Beata Karaś

Could you tell me is there a good road to the church?

Ucha Gviniashvili
Ucha Gviniashvili

It's not paved road, it's gravel. Last 1km is for off road 4X4 cars only.


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