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Tsopi fortress is located in Kvemo Kartli region, near the village of Sadakhlo, Marneuli Municipality. It dates back to the V-VI centuries. The fortress is built on a rocky mountain. The ruins of the upper fortress and fragments of the fence wall, which occupies a big area of the southern rocky slope, are preserved. The upper castle is divided into two parts by a wall. There are four semicircular pillars around the fortress. Pillars are also put in the walls fortify the construction. You will find the remains of residential complexes and the ruins of a small church here as well. The walls of the fortress are made of white limestone with rectangular frames. Traces of human life in the surroundings of Tsopi Fortress have been confirmed since the Lower Paleolithic. The settlements dating to the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages are found out in this area. There is a village near the fortress, where are two hall churches dating to the VI-VII centuries.

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