Along the border: Trail from Kevsureti to Tusheti

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About Along the border: Trail from Kevsureti to Tusheti

Best time to visit: Summer

The path starts from Khevsureti, specifically village Mutso and ends in Tusheti - Omalo. The route includes the Atsunta Pass, villages in Dartlo gorge, the Nakaicho pass and the Makratela ridge.



Day 1:

trail starts from the village Mutso and passes through village Ardoti to village Bakhao. The path from the village Bakhao will take you to the ridge. You might lose the path, but do not be afraid, you only need to get to the ridge and choose the most convenient way to do it. On the ridge you will be overwhelmed by the view on Caucasus and Migmakhevi. The breathtaking views will stay with you and will encourage you. The path follows the ridge; On the way you will meet the board police station from where the route goes along the the mountain slope. The trace is good and the path is less dangerous. At the beginning of the steep uphill there is place for wild camping. You have already covered fairly large distance and it is better to rest in order to energize and prepare for Atsunta Pass.


Day 2:

you have to overcome the Atsunta pass. Prepare and bringe enough water for one day, because along the pass until the bottom there is not drinking water available. ascend is difficult and it is better to be careful as there is long way ahead. You will need 2-3 hours to go from the bottom to the top of the pass. Enjoy the beautiful views of Khevsureti and Tusheti from the Atsunda pass. The trail is also well marked, but it does not give you a chance to relax. At the bottom you will come across the stream where you can fill the water. The water is available along the trail and you will not need to fill the vessel completely. The rest of the way is not short, but it is easier to walk. At the end of the second day there are plenty of places for wild camping: 1. Bottom of the Atsunta pass on the Tusheti's side; 2. Oposite side of the first border police station; 3. Ranger shelter. I will choose the second or third option.


Day 3:

Your goal is to reach to the start point of the Nakaicho pass, the trail is easy and you will feel like walking on the road. For the first time you will meet village Chontio, which in my opinion has the most original look. On the way you will go though village Girevi where you can fill up the food supplies and continue the road. Do not forget to go to the border police station as you are leaving border zone. End of the third day you should stay at the beginning of the Nakaicho Pass. A small river flows and it is best place for wild camping.


Day 4:

the morning will be difficult as you have to get on top of the Nakaicho Pass, but the effort worth it. From the top of the Nakaicho Pass you will be able to see most of the Tusheti. The trail runs along the ridge. On the One side of one of which is Tsovatusheti and Gometsari and on the other side is Dartlo. The panoramic trail finishes in Upper Omalo where you can see Keselo Castle.

Tags: #hiking #Horse Tour #Horse #Horseback Riding #Rider #trekking #Backpacking #Adventure Tour
Duration: 4 days
Total distance: 60 km
Difficulty: Medium

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hello, what is de price of the 4 day trekking Kevsureti to Tusheti

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Good day Nadya, you can contact guides on our page, and they will tell you what will be the price and all the details about the tour.,2


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