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Amamlo Church of Tamar is located in Kvemo Kartli region, Dmanisi municipality, near the village of Amamlo. It is a monument of the XII century. The building is a hall church and ends with a semicircular apse on the east. The church was built of unhewn stones, the hewn stones are used only in the corners, in the cornice and below it. The temple has three windows, to the west, south and east sides. The entrance is from the south, which is architrave from the outside and arched from the inside. On the light-colored stone of the entrance architrave, there is the cross of Golgotha on it . As construction materials, local pink-red-green colored stones are used. On the west side, on the top of the window, there were two stones with old inscriptions. They were taken to the Georgian State Museum. Facades are surrounded by cornice. The interior is plastered. The church is covered with tin. There is an old cemetery near the church, where one can find the figure of a broken ram among the tombstones. Amaralo Tamar Church is an expression of local construction traditions.

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