18 November, 2018

5 Reasons to Visit Shiomghvime

  Georgia is rich for the cultural and historical monasteries, which are located in every part of the country. Shiomghvime is one of them. The monastery of Shiomghvime is a little and breathtakingly beautiful place in Mtskheta-Mtianeti.

1.     Near to Tbilisi

Shiomghvime is situated on the left bank of Mtkvari River in Mtskheta Municipality. If you want to visit the monastery, you should go to Mtskheta. The road starts from there. The monastery of Shiomghvime is near to the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. You can visit this place on a day trip. Traveling from Tbilisi takes about 1 hour. But, if you go to Shimghvime from Mtskheta, it will only take 20 minutes. So, if you want to have a short trip, Shiomghvime is the highly recommended place.

2.    The Historic Significance of Shiomghvime

The historical background of Shiomghvime is really striking. Shiomghvime means “The cave of Shio”. Shio was the one among the Thirteen Assyrian Fathers. The monastery was built in the second half of VI century. As we know from the history, Shio spent his last years in a deep and dark cave. After his death, he was buried in that place. Therefore, Georgian people consider this cave as a holy place.

3.    The Stunning Architecture

The monastery is one of the examples of the dome-shaped architecture. There are built the church of St John The Baptist and the Upper church. The upper church is a three-sided basilica. The last painting of the wall was in the XX century. Close to the monastery is the little chapel that was built in the XII century.

4.    The Spring “Monk’s Tears”

On the edge of the rock is the spring named “Monk Tears” not far away from the monastery. According to history, this spring can cure a different kind of diseases.

And because there was no water in Shiomghvime, the monks were forced to bring the water from the River Mtkvari. While one of the monks was bringing the water to Shiomghvime, the clay pitcher was dropped, and water poured off. The monk started worrying and crying.

 After that, the water flows out, and people get to pray in that place. That’s why the name of the spring is “Monk Tears”. The bottle is filled with water every hour. When the bottle is full, the water stops flowing.

You couldn’t go inside the door, but you can ask for the water in the monastery.

5.    The untouched Nature


As you pass the city Mtskheta, there is a beautiful view for the mountain lovers. The rocky nature around the Shiomghvime is one of the advantages of this place. In the bosom of rocky nature, you’ll feel the calmness. The location of Shiomghvime is majestic.

The monastery closes at 19:00 PM.

Going to Shiomghvime is accessible by a Tax or by your own car.


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